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Q: Randall tries to pick up a small bit of plastic wrap that is on his desk. Randall's hand has a negative charge. The piece of plastic has a negative charge. What will happen when Randall's hand gets cl?
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When you comb your hair with a plastic comb what will the sign be on the charge acquired by the comb?

When you comb your hair with a plastic comb, the comb will acquire a negative charge. This is because the friction between the comb and your hair causes the transfer of electrons, leading to an imbalance of negative charge on the comb.

If a plastic ruler is rubbed with a cloth does the ruler obtain a positive charge?

Yes, when a plastic ruler is rubbed with a cloth, the friction between the two materials can transfer electrons from one to the other, causing the ruler to become positively charged.

What is the charge of anion?

A cation has a positive charge and an anion has a negative charge.

What charge is a negative?

A charge which is not a positive charge is a negative charge.

Why does a charged glass rod attract charged plastic straw?

When a glass rod is rubbed with silk, it becomes positively charged, while a plastic straw becomes negatively charged. Opposite charges attract each other due to electrostatic forces. This attraction occurs because the positively charged glass rod induces a negative charge on the plastic straw, creating a strong attractive force between the two objects.

What is the negative charge in atoms?

Electrons have an electrical negative charge.

What charge electron charge positive or negative?

Electrons carry a negative charge to balance out the positive charge of the proton.

What charge is electrons?

Electrons have a negative charge.

Why do electrons not have a charge?

They do have a charge, it's negative

What type of electrostatic charge does an electron have?

a positive charge

What a negative charge?

A negative charge is the opposite of an ion. An Ion with a negative charge becomes an Anion. Normally with a negative charge they are called Electrons. See electrons for more help

What is the majority of negative charge on the water molecule?

there has to be a negative charge in the molecule as there is a positive charge. there is a negative charge and when it and a positive charge gets together it forms something that makes the charge neutral