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Hermann Goring

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Q: Who was in charge of strength through joy?
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How was Hitler able to unite Germans?

through the use of the propaganda strength-through-joy.

Who desinged VW car in 1930?

Dr. Ferdinand Porsche designed what would eventually be the Volkswagen. When it was first designed, it was going to be the "Strength Through Joy Car"--the KdF-Wagen. KdF meant Kraft dürch Freude--Strength Through Joy--and it was the Nazi recreation organization. Then Hitler invaded Poland and the KdF-Wagen factory had to make war materiel.

How the strength of the electromagnets can be varied?

by increasing or decreasing the charge going through the coils or moving an iron core in and out of the coils.

What does the joy of the Lord is your strength mean?

This phrase references a biblical verse (Nehemiah 8:10) that encourages finding strength and joy in God's presence. It suggests that by aligning yourself with God and finding joy in Him, you can draw strength and the ability to overcome challenges. It emphasizes the importance of faith and connection with God in facing difficulties.

What are the release dates for Revolution 618 - 2010 Joy of the Lord Is Your Strength 1-15?

Revolution 618 - 2010 Joy of the Lord Is Your Strength 1-15 was released on: USA: 14 June 2010

Circle the letters of the factors that the strength of an electric field depends on.?

The strength of an electric field depends on the charge that causes it, and on the distance from the charge.

What was Kraft durch freuds purpose?

"Kraft durch Freude" was a Nazi organization in Germany that aimed to provide leisure activities and holidays to German workers as a way to promote loyalty to the regime and boost morale. It was part of the broader propaganda effort to control the population and reinforce Nazi ideology.

What is cobalt's strength of electrostatic force?

The strength of the electrostatic force depends on the electric charge. If you have a block of cobalt - or of just about any other material for that matter - you can put a positive charge, a negative charge, or no charge on it; and the charge can be large or small.

What are the 3 motto of the book called the wave?

They are 'Strength through discipline', 'Strength through community', and 'Strength through action'.

What sustains Ishmael spiritually and emotionally?

Ishmael draws spiritual sustenance from his connection to his faith and his community. Emotionally, Ishmael finds support and strength through his relationships with family and friends, as well as through engaging in activities that bring him joy and fulfillment.

How does Digital weight measurement work?

The strength of an electric charge generated is directly influenced by weight. When a person steps on a digital scale, the electric resistance is measured and sent through a microchip which then converts the electric strength into pounds.

What move through the air?