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Q: Puddle is to pool as caution is to?
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What is a puddle?

A puddle is a small pool of water, usually found on a road or path.

A small body of water on the ground after it rains?

It could be known as a puddle, or a pool of rain water.

What is a small pool of water called?

A puddle is a very small pool, usually left by a rain storm.

What is the hyperbole of a deep puddle of water?

I am as deep as the Atlantic Ocean :)

What is puddles?

A puddle is a small pool of water, usually found on a road or path.

How do you get rid of the the frogs eggs in a child's puddle pool without killing them?

either adoped them or kill them.

What type of energy that is greater in the swimming pool with a temperature of 24c then in a puddle with a temperature of 24c?


Do you drain a pool in the winter?

No it is best not to> if you drain a pool there is always a risk that groundwater will get under it and you end up with a pool floating like a boat in a puddle. it will never settle down properly again. Find out about winterising your pool from a local pool shop, they will give you all the pointers you need,

Is pool a verb?

It can be. The noun pool refers to a swimming structure, a billards game, or a betting method. The verb "pool" can mean to gather in one place (puddle) or to create shared resources (combine). Examples: The spilled liquid will pool around the drain. We must pool our money to fix the sidewalk.

A small body of water?

A small body of water could be a puddle left after it has stopped raining, or a pool of water that is a garden feature, and so on.

What should you do if there is no lifeguard on duty at the swimming pool?

freeze the water and go ice skating. ask anyone at the pool when the lifeguard will be on duty. dont swim. swim with caution.

What is the music video with a ball of clay turns into a man meets a girl at a swimming pool and showers at the end turns into a clay puddle?

alex gopher- party people!