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Q: What type of energy that is greater in the swimming pool with a temperature of 24c then in a puddle with a temperature of 24c?
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What is the type of energy that is greater in a swimming pool with a temperature of 24 C than a puddle with a temperature of 24 C called?

The answer is insulation because when you override its principles you can see that it's cooler.

When water evaportates from a puddle what happens to the temperature of the puddle?

The temperature decrease.

What is a possum at room temperature?

a puddle

What do you do when you want to go swimming?

Make it rain and swim in the puddle. Lol

When energy from the Sun heats up the a puddle of water the water in the puddle into the air.?


Would a puddle freeze if the temperature was - 5 degrees?


Why doesnt a frozen puddle have kinetic energy?

"Kinetic energy" is energy related to movement. If there is no movement, there is no kinetic energy.

What type of energy causes a rain puddle to disappear on a sunny day?

It increases its temperature and causes the water particles to move faster and faster until they evaporate (become a gas)

When water evaporates from a puddle what happens to the temperature?

The temperature decrease because evaporation is an endothermic process, absorb heat.

What is the difference between a creek and a swimming hole?

well a creek is much bigger in size than a swimming hole. A creek is more dangerous and be out in the open area, whereas as a swimming holecould be in your backyard and could be the size of a puddle.

What causes puddles to evaporate?

Heat energy from the sun and the ground cause puddles to evaporate. The heat energy breaks the hydrogen bonds between the water molecules and when the water molecules are heated to a high enough temperature, they will leave the puddle, forming water vapor.

When a puddle evaporates does that mean the water reaches 100 degrees?

No, evaporation occur at any temperature.