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Matamata in New Zealand

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Q: Places like the shire
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Are there places like the shire?

Yes , the lord of the rings shire is set in New Zealand where I believe the set still remains for fans.But there are real places naturally like the shire such as Ireland and in places in Europe such as Sweden Austria In the summer.Which like the shire , have lush green fields and sloping valleys however Do not contain Hobbits and power rings ( as I'm aware ).

Are there places like the shire in Lord of the Rings?

New Zealand and Greece

Why do places in the UK end with shire?

A shire is an administrative area. The name originates from controlling royal official known as a 'shire reeve' or sheriff. Seen as archaic.

What is the name of the village that Hobbits live in?

Some of the hobbits in The Lord of the Rings (Frodo, Sam, and Bilbo) live in Hobbiton, which is a town in the Shire. Merry and Pippin live in other places in the Shire. There are dozens of other villages in the Shire in the maps provided by Tolkien where hobbits dwell, as well as the hobbits that live in Bree and surrounding places.

What is the shire horse habitat?

Many Shire Horses live in grassland fields where there are lots of flowers and other plants, like weeds.!

How do you keep a shire horse?

Shire's are just like every other draft horse. They still need food, water and exercise. They tend to be great at pulling wagons. So you can treat you Shire like any other horse.

What breed is the shire horse?

Shire horse is the breed! Clysedales are also another breed that look a bit like shires.

Why is a shire horse called a shire horse?

The shire horse is named a shire horse because it originated in the shire counties of England.

What is the birth name of Matthew Shire?

Matthew Shire's birth name is Matthew Orlando Shire.

What are the types of shire horses?

The Shire is a draft breed.

How do you use the word shire in a sentence?

Do you remember the shire?

What is a sentence with the word shire?

The shire was very peaceful.The Hobbit just wanted to return to the Shire.

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