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Yes , The Lord of the Rings shire is set in New Zealand where I believe the set still remains for fans.But there are real places naturally like the shire such as Ireland and in places in Europe such as Sweden Austria In the summer.Which like the shire , have lush green fields and sloping valleys however Do not contain Hobbits and power rings ( as I'm aware ).

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Yes and best bloomin place ever! it is where hobbits live. the shire is little cottages and peaceful little hobbits and nothing exciting or adventurous. The shire is all about peace and happiness and friendliness. peace and love is the shire.

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Matamata in New Zealand

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Q: Is there a place in Lord of the Rings called Shire?
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When does Frodo from The Lord of the Rings come from?

The Shire (Of Middle Earth) .

Where is the geographical location of 'the Shire' in 'Lord of the Rings'?

In Eriador, in the west.

Where was 'the shire' built for the lord of the rings?

Matamata , New Zealand .

What is Saruman's alter ego in The Lord of the Rings?

Major spoiler for the book, but he is called Sharkey at the end in the scouring of the Shire.

Who will travel with Frodo when he leaves the Shire?

In the lord of the rings, Frodo Baggins leaves the shire with Samwise Gamgee.

Are there places like the shire in Lord of the Rings?

New Zealand and Greece

What place did The Hobbits live in?

Bilbo lived in Bag End, a very nice hobbit hole near Hobbiton. At the beginning of The Lord of the Rings, Bilbo leaves Bag End to his heir Frodo and moves to Rivendell where he lives with the elves.

What are the proud foot in the movie Lord of the Rings?

A family of Hobbits that live in the Shire.

Major similarities between The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings?

Bilbo baggins is in the hobbit and the lord of the rings and so is Gandalf. The Shire is also involved. Gollum (smeagol) and the ring are also involved.

What is the shire in lord of the rings in reality?

It's supposedly an idealized view of rural living in medieval England.

What does SR stand for in 'The Lord of the Rings'?

SR indicates Shire Reckoning and refers to the system of tracking years.

Where is the shop in Lego Lord of the Rings?

in the Shire, Bree,Pass Of The Caradhras,Minas Tirith,Helm's Deep,Edoras