Person who is having a baby?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Pregnant! (That's what it's called)

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Q: Person who is having a baby?
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Who is having the baby in glee?

The person having a baby is Quinn!!

How does a person get a baby?

by having it

Is Kristen Stewart having a baby with Robert Pattinson?

NO!!! She's having a baby with me bitches. i think that you are wrong she is not having a baby with this person that posted it. she is having a baby with Robert though! :)

Why would you put your baby up for adoption?

why wouldn't you? Maybe because the person that was having the baby did not have the baby's needs

What should you do if you were just told that you are having a baby but pregnancy tests say negative?

If a crazy street person told you you were having a baby, believe the tests. If a doctor told you you were having a baby, believe the doctor.

Is Megan Fox having a boy?

no u stupid person ur having a baby lol

How old is a person have to be to have a baby in virtual family?

I think you have to be under 25 or under 21 after having s baby !!!

How old do you have to be to go in the room after a baby is born?

it really doesnt matter the ageas long as the person having the baby says to bring you in they will

Are you legally emancipated if you're a 17-year-old with a baby in California and can you leave your parents' home?

Having a baby has nothing to do with it. Contrary to popular belief, simply having a child does not emancipate a person.

When is a person at risk of HIV?

* Having unprotected sex * Blood transfusions * When a baby is in mother's womb

What does it mean if people dream about you having a baby?

talk to him and tell him how you feel eventually he will understand.

What is having a baby out of a wedlock?

Having a baby out of wedlock means having a baby without being married.