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Sith, Darksider, Dark Jedi

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2010-10-17 01:29:36
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Q: One who looks at the dark side of things?
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One who looks at the positive side of things?


What is one who looks at the bright side of things called?

An Optimist.

Is there another droid that looks like R2-D2?

yeh there is even one for the dark side!

Why do photographers use red in the darkroom when developing film?

Sounds hard but I know this one. So the picture looks good and lightly because they have the light things and they need it dark so it looks good.

Why is one side of the earth always dark?

The Sun is a single source of light. Therefore it can only shine its light on one side of the Earth at a time. The other side is then obviously dark. Try shining a torch on a tennis ball in a dark room. One side will by light and the other side will be dark.Apart from the dark and light part,there is also a part that is fairly dark known as the prenumbra. dark-umbra fairly dark-prenumbra

Where can one find more information about the dark side?

One can find more information about the dark side by going to the IMDB website. The website has information on Star Wars and characters who joined the dark side.

How could Link not be evil but the same person as Dark Link?

dark link is links dark side, showing that no matter how good you are, every one has a dark side

Is the moon dark?

The moon, like the Earth, is illuminated on one side by the sun, while the other side is dark.

What does the first quarter of the moon look like?

the first quarter of the moon looks like a semi Circe D shape and one side is light and the other is dark.

How does John Dolmayan looks like?

He looks cool. He has dark hair, and is the smallest one of the members of System of A Down.

What does a Waning Moon look like?

After the moon was full, it starts to wane. That is, it starts to get dark on the right side. So anything less than a full moon, with the dark part on the right, is a waning moon. There are such things as a waning crescent, that is, the lighted part of the moon looks like a lefthand parenthesis ( . The waning gibbous moon is larger than a half moon, but smaller than a full moon, and about one-third of the moon is dark on the right side.

What the meaning of optimIST?

One who holds the opinion that all events are ordered for the best., One who looks on the bright side of things, or takes hopeful views; -- opposed to pessimist.

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