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You right click it after you finished it, the you click on format word art and then click on fill effect and then you do whatever you want

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Q: On word art how do you change the colour of the word so its 2 different colour?
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What is micrography?

Micrography is art. It is art made up by words. You can shade and change colours by changing the colour of the word.

What is the meaning of the word color in art?

It means colour. This is a terrifically important concept in painting and similar art forms. If Leonardo da Vinci had not known about colour the Mona Lisa might have ended up a blonde or worse.

What are the Different between word art and clip art?

one has words and the other has pictures

What is the difference between clip art word art and text box?

Do you have a word processing program?For clip art, click Insert, Picture and Clip Art. This shows you what clip art is. It is basically drawings of images. They can be in color or not.For word art, now click Insert again and then Text Box. You will then see a frame in your document. Type a word/text in the frame and click Format at the toolbar. You will see a box appear, probably to the right. In the box you will see the word 'Sample', or other word if yours is different. You change the font and the color to what you want. At the bottom of that box on the left, click on 'Apply' and your word in the frame will change. This a form of word art. With more advanced programs it can do more.The text box you saw your word art in a minute ago. Now see all of the little black boxes on the frame? Lay your pointer over one of these and you can change the size to whatever you want, within the current document.

Word for art construction with different materials?

any other word for 'construction'

What does colour mean in art?

What does texture mean in art

What is the british word for red?

The English language word for the colour red, is simply red. Red, Yellow and Blue are the three primary colours used in art.

What colour in art is said to signify royalty?

purple (in ancient art)

Can color blind individuals appreciate art and beauty?

yes, i reckon a colour-blind individual can appreciate art and beauty. you are thinking about colour here. Someone who is colourblind can still see and appreciate a work of art, nature or whatever theyre looking at without knowing what colour(s) are on it.

A word beginning with whi meaning a tone not a colour?

In the art world, and, according to color wheel theory, white is considered a tone and not a color.

What does the art term variety mean?

using many different techniques within art. To change how you draw, paint, cut, print etc

What is the difference between normal text and word art?

Normal text is pure text whereas Word art is graphical. That is the biggest difference. Because Word Art is graphical it is possible to do a wide range of things with it like changes to its style, colour, shape, orientation etc. A lot of things can be done with regular text, but not some of those things.