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Asians draw Manga.

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Q: How is manga different from other art forms?
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What makes environnmental art different from other art forms?

Well i don't know look it up at and say what makes environmeantal art different from other art forms and here you go!

What are different forms of Aboriginal art?

There are 3 basic forms of aboriginal art: personal art, social art and sacred/ritual art.

How is manga different to other books?

Manga is a Japanese style of comic book or graphic novel that is read from right to left, unlike traditional books which are read from left to right. Additionally, manga typically features distinctive art styles, exaggerated expressions, and dynamic panel layouts that set it apart from other forms of literature. Many manga series also tend to target specific genres and demographics, such as shonen for young boys and shojo for young girls.

Is Manga a Korean art?

Manga is referred to Japanese comics or print cartoons and is considered by many to be an art form. However, Korea does have an art style which resembles the art of Manga which is called Manhwa. Basically, Manga isn't a Korean art; it's a Japanese art. Korea has something close and similar to Manga called Manhwa.

What is the difference between heart clip art and orther art forms?

The difference between heart clip art and other art forms is that clip art is usually 2-D and cartoon-like, while other art forms may attempt realism. You can learn more about art and the various forms at the Wikipedia.

What did Romans tend to do with the art forms of other cultures?

Romans were infamous for vandalizing or outright destroying the art forms of other cultures.

Can you give me some different types of art?

Some different types of art forms include:DrawingPaintingPhotographyPrintsCraftsDesignMixed MediaSculptureInstallations

Is Manga used for anything other than entertainment in Japan?

yes. there are many educational manga ranging from art instruction to manuals about sexual relations.

Is there an art school that teaches manga art?

Savannah college of art and design Minneapolis college of art and design School of visual arts they have "comic/sequential arts" major, but they include manga. SCAD has manga classes specifically too.

What type of art is made from an assemblage of different forms?


Difference between Old and new art work?

Old art is used to refer to more traditional fine art forms. New arts or contemporary art forms refer to arts like pop art, cubism, impressionism and other art forms.

Why is digital art use full?

For the same reasons other art forms are useful.