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go to the mall go through the first archway then go through the first door.

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Q: On the Hannah Montana game ds where is the beauty shop?
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Where do you find Madison at in the Hannah Montana game?

Madison is by Rico's surf shop. She has orange hair.

Where can you get the Hannah Montana DVD game?

you can get it from online but offline just go to any DVD shop

Where can you find Hannah Montana sunglasses?

you can buy them from the Disney shop!!

Who is riko in Hannah Montana?

Rico is Jackson's enemy in Hannah Montana and owns the beach shop in season 1,2&3 and in season 4 owns a pizza place on the pier. Rico and Jackson hate each other until the last ever Hannah Montana episode (Hannah Montana forever) where they hug.

Where do you get Hannah Montana raping paper for books?

big w or reject shop.

What batteries do the Hannah Montana guitar take?

They take quadrouple A. but you can only buy those batteries in a shop caled Mily Montana.

Where can you buy dresses same as Hannah Montana?

u can buy at the shop at California called little sunshine

Where can you get a Hannah Montana wig?

a wig shop or a Disney store and if you get one take care of it AND DONT BRUSH IT

Does Hannah Montana just had a baby?

NOOOOOOO!!!!!! people photo shop pictures of her to make her look pregnant. So she is not.

Where does Jackson work in Hannah Montana movie?

the same place as on the show at Rico's Surf shop but when they are in Tennesse he works on the farm down there

Hannah Montana gets all of her clothing?

Hannah Montana buys all of her clothing and her outlet store which means she can only shop there and the rest of her cast but some times to like get just lounging pants shell go to like abercrombie or hollister and her favorite store is Arie!

How much would you get if you sold a 3ds game?

It depends on the game. Hannah Montana, High School Musical, out of date sports games and third-party shovelware will get you £1 or so, if the shop will even take them. New releases, and older but very popular titles (Pokemon) will get you more.