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Standard tumbling mats are two inches thick on average. However, they can range from one inch to three inches thick. They are usually custom made for the facility which uses them so thickness can vary from facility to facility.

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Q: On average how thick are standard tumbling mats?
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What would one need to use a tumbling mat for?

A tumbling mat is designed to be used for gymnastics competitions. Tumbling mats can also be used when exercising, to protect feet and ankles. Another use for tumbling mats is in the practise of martial arts. Mats can also be used for children's play time.

What is the best surface for a cheerleading jump?

Mats, or a gymnastics floor-tumbling area.

Are the rubber gym mats suited for tumbling and stretches?

Rubber gym mats are suited for tumbling and stretching but very few are ninja proof. You could find yourself stretching your muscles and falling victim to an unsuspecting ninja attack.

Which tubling mats and equipment do I need for a high school gymnastics class?

I would recommend for a high school gymnastics class: gymnist balls, jump ropes, hula hoops, balance beam, and a standard tumbling mat (standard, 4x6 should do).

What equipment is used tumbling?

When you practice tumbling you should always have a coach around to spot. To practice you need mats, and tumble track or trampoline, and a certified AACCA coach or spotter.

How is cheerleading dangerous?

The dangerous elements of Cheerleading are Stunting (lifting or throwing a girl in the air) and Tumbling (gymnastics). The risk is less if you use mats and trained coaches

When was the first year that floor mats were a standard feature in cars?

I don't think it is "Standard" yet as most low priced base cars the mats are still optional.

How thick do rubber gym mats need to be so that they are safe for children to use?

Rubber gym mats needs to be real thick and sturdy for children to be safe on them. The best way to find out about how thick a rubber gym should be would be to visit a local health and fitness store.

How do people get hurt in cheerleading?

People get hurn mostly falling out of stunts, or getting fallen on by a flyer. They can also get hurt tumbling. Many injuries can be preventes by using mats.

Where can I buy a chair mat that has a high standard and good quality?

Uline, Mat Depot, American Floor Mats, Office Furniture Mall, and Chair Mat USA offer high standard quality chair mats. Most of these chair mats come with a lifetime guarantee.

Are Floor Mats standard in every Automobile?

Not all vehicles are sold with floor mats. It usually depends on the dealership/person you purchase the vehicle from.

How many judo mats do you need for a standard size competition mat area?

Judo is a type of Karate. It is an Olympic sport. Competitors compete on a mat that is roughly six feet long.