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It's set in the 1950s or late 40s. I want to say 1950 but I'm not positive. It's black and white and set in New York and DC (mostly NYC).

The plot is that a very upstanding defense contractor leaves the company that he founded to serve his country by fixing the DOD. When he's gone the people left running his company are corrupt and incompetent.

A woman who is either divorced or her husband died before the movie ends up with a few shares of stock in the company. She's bored so she starts going to stock holders meetings and bothering the people running the company. They give her a job answering mail from other small stock holders to keep her busy. When this fails they make her a lobbyist to DC. She falls in love with the company founder turned secretary of defense. They find out how corrupt the current company management is and they manage to take back over the company and then get married.

I saw this movie a few years ago on TCM or some other classics channel and haven't been able to find it since. I've gone through imdb over and over and still can't find it. PLEASE HELP

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Q: Of a 1950s-ish movie about a defense contractor and who becomes secretary of defense and his company is taken over by idiots?
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