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Colleen Barrett joined Southwest Airlines Company in 1978 as a corporate secretary and rose through the ranks to become the company's president and chief operating officer.

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Q: Who is Colleen Barrett?
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When was Colleen C. Barrett born?

Colleen C. Barrett was born on September 14th, 1944.

Where was Colleen C. Barrett born?

Colleen C. Barrett was born in Bellows Falls, Vermont in the United States.

What year was CEO Colleen Barrett born?

Born: 1944

Where was CEO Colleen Barrett born?

Born: 1944, in Bellows Falls, Vermont.

What was Colleen Barrett's first job at Southwest Airlines?

began as corporate secretary

Where did CEO Colleen Barrett go to school?

Education: Becker Junior College, 1964.

When did Colleen Barrett work for Mathews and Branscomb?

Mathews and Branscomb law firm, 1968-1970, secretary

When was Colleen Barrett named president and CEO of Southwest Airlines?

2001-, president and chief operating officer.

What is Colleen Barrett's leadership style?

If anything typified Barrett's approach to management and business, it was hard work--she usually worked 16-hour days. Nevertheless, industry analysts described her as having a laidback management style.

What is some biographical information on CEO Colleen Barrett?

As a girl, Barrett was fascinated with the law and worked as a legal secretary for an uncle. She could not afford to attend law school, however, so she went to a junior college in her home state of Vermont.

What type of leadership awards has Colleen Barrett won?

Awards: Compass Award, Woman's Leadership Exchange, 2002; Kupfer Distinguished Executive Award, 2002.

When did Colleen Barrett join the J. C. Penney board?

In January 2004 J. C. Penney Company's board of directors elected her a director of the company.

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