Nick Jonas like in a girl?

Updated: 8/30/2023
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Nick Jonas like's girls that are classic, that have style, that are always there to support him even if he's just having a bad day. girls that arn't to clingly and know when to let go at the right time. someone that his family likes, someone that Frankie likes and most of all someone that makes him smile. :)

20th aug 2009.

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Um... whats a gir???? Will need to know before i answer

if youre asking if a Jonas brother has a crush or girl freind- could care less- if you mean if theyre like Gir, then no- they arent funny enough (or quite as dumb but the dumb makes him funny)

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Q: Nick Jonas like in a girl?
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What color does nick Jonas like on a girl?

Nick Jonas likes a variety of bright colors on the girl. Examples of the bright colors that Nick Jonas likes on the girl includes Red, Pink and Blue.

What do Nick Jonas Like About a Girl?

Nick says that he does not have a type his girl can come frm anywere!!

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Just be yourself!

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Nick Jonas Dating a girl from Fallbrook?

No, he is not he is going out with this girl name SAMANTHA.He was going out with this girl name Rosamaria.But now she is going out with joe Jonas and nick do not like that.

And Nick so you know I think you sing like a girl?

I have heard I used to sing like a girl . Nick Jonas

Is Nick Jonas like Britteny Spears?

why would he be? Nick Jonas is a guy... Brittany spears is a GIRL!!!! Get with the program people!!!!!!!!!!

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Does Nick Jonas like a girl name Marisa?

Clearly not.

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When he finds the perfect Girl