Nazo the hedgehog

Updated: 4/28/2022
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According to the Sonic Team, Nazo the Hedgehog was intended to play a large role in Sonic X (the TV series) season 4. For why he was cut is unknown. There are 2 fanfics (fan fictions) of Nazo the Hedgehog entitled "The Power of Nazo" and "Nazo Unleashed", of which both were created by the same person. These, however are, of course, fan-made, and are possibly untrue. The only reason Nazo was discovered is because of the picture Nazo.jpg. This was implied as Nazo's given name. This is questionable because "nazo" in Japanese means "mystery". Nazo, right now remains a "nazo" until Sonic Team decides to revive him. That will only happen if the popularity of Nazo rises and demand for information or a game introducing him would convince the developers. The problem is: How do we get the attention in order to make them do so? There are rumors that Nazo is a fan character, which are completely untrue. As stated previously, he was supposed to be a main character in Sonic X. There are rumors that Nazo was cut because developers couldn't think up a storyline for him.

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Q: Nazo the hedgehog
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What animal is nazo?

Nazo is a hedgehog.

How old is nazo the hedgehog?

I think Nazo the hedgehog is 19 years old

Is Nazo the hedgehog real so as sonic?

Well....Nazo is a hedgehog yes but he dosent have a real name Nazo in Japanese means mystery so to awnser you question yes he is a hedgehog not a popular but a hedgehog. Thanks for the comment it helped me a lot so it means hes real but he doesnt have a real name

Why Nazo the hedgehog was never in an episode of sonic?

He is a fan made character.

Who is the stongest sonic character?

Nazo the Hedgehog is the strongest Sonic character.

How old is nazo?

As an anthropomorphic character created for entertainment purposes, Nazo does not have a specified age within the fictional Sonic the Hedgehog universe.

Who is Nazo?

Nazo is a character from a fan-made animated series called "Sonic: Nazo Unleashed," which features a powerful enemy created by Doctor Eggman to defeat Sonic. Nazo is known for his immense strength and abilities, posing a significant threat to Sonic and his friends.

Who are the top ten fastest sonic characters?

1. Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Shadow the Hedgehog 3. Scourge the Hedgehog 4. Nazo the Hedgehog 5. Jet the Hawk 6. Metal Sonic 7. Mecha Sonic 8. Blaze the Cat 9. Silver the Hedgehog 10. Knuckles the Echinda

Is silver the hedgehog in sonic x?

No. There was originally going to be a white hedgehog, codenamed Nazo, but he was dropped too. It is possible that he inspired Silver's design. Silver, on the other hand, wasn't created when Sonic X was made.

Are you actually able to play sonic the hedgehog nazo unleashed?

If you have seen Nazo Unleashed on Youtube, then you noticed that there's a button that says "play" and it automatically presses. The real website where Nazo Unleashed was first uploaded on was If you're talking about being able to play it as a flash game, then no, you can't play it. It's just a video that has a "play" button, but it means playing it as a video.

Who is shadic the hedgehog?

Shadic is the fusion between Sonic and Shadow. See it on Nazo Unleashed its awesome! In SA2 there is a glitch where you can see Shadic, go to 2P pick Sonic and Shadow, get a check point, then make them both die, they will be Shadic.

What is the ending song in nazo unleashed?

shadic will kill nazo but at the return of nazo we will see him again!