Naruto episode 170 dub

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It already aired and it won't be on DVD for a while so either look for it online or catch a rerun.

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Q: Naruto episode 170 dub
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What season and Episode is Naruto currently on in English Dub?

For naruto shippuden its on episode 107

Where can you find naruto shippunden episode 19 English dub?

When will naruto episode 40 come out in English dub?

It's already come out you can watch it on Whoever asked this question probably asked it along time ago because the newest thing in Naruto right now is Naruto Shippuden episode 160 which is coming out this Thursay. Can't wait^_^

When will Naruto shipuden episode 22 come out in English dub?

watch it at

When does naruto Shippuden episode 298 come out?

Jan 31 for sub and dub N/A

When will Naruto Shippuden episode 5 be released in dub?

its out now check out its there i know it is

When is Naruto shippuden eng dub episode 22 being released?

It's already out.

Where do you watch naruto shippunden episode 62 English dub?

You can watch all Naruto episodes on

Were can you watch naruto Shippuden uncut in English dub?

English dub I am using means that it has Japanese language with English subtitles. If so, then go to and it has every single Naruto-Naruto Shippuden episode ever made with a new one ever Thursday.

When will naruto Shippuden 167 be on air?

If you mean when is naruto shippuden episode 167 going to be in english dub then you are looking at around april 2013 :)

When does each Naruto episode come out now What about Naruto shippuden?

English Dub NAruto comes out on Saturday on Cartoon Network. It starts at 6:30. If there is a movie on, it is held back till 7:30.

Where can you watch uncut english dub naruto if it has the cartoon network sign on it its not uncut and don't tell me they don't have it because animepalm has it but it doesnt have every episode?

You can get it on narutoget I think in dub but I'm not sure