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Indian actors with surname of Khan

1. Yousuf Khan actor producer famous as Dlip Kumar has legendary status in Indian Film Industry.

2. Nasir Khan actor and has the honor of being 1st hero of 1st Pakistani Movie Tere Yaad released in 1948 brother of Yousuf Khan; Dlip Kumar.

3. Feroz Khan actor director producer and hero very famous and legend actor of India.

4. Sunjay Khan actor famous hero of India brother of Feroz Khan.

5. Amjed Khan actor villain hero famous playing the role of Gabber Singh in Indian Film Sholay in 1973.

6. Qadir Khan actor,hero director,story writer dialogue writer has the legendary state in Indian Film Industry.

7. Ayoub Khan actor ,son of Nasir Khan and nephew of Yousuf Khan.

8. Aamir Khan actor hero director producer and other very famous in second Khan Serial of India.

9. Salman Khan actor hero producer and other,count in very popular heroes of India.

10. Shah Rukh Khan actor hero producer most popular famous and best performer oif Indian Film Industry.

11. Saif Ali Khan actor hero and other very famous son of Indian Legend Heroin Sharmela Tegore.

12. Arbaz Khan actor producer very famous in Indian Film Industry brother of Salman Khan.

13. Fardeen Khan actor hero son of Feroz Khan and nephew of Sunjay Khan.

14. Sohail Khan actor hero brother of Salman Khan and Arbaz Khan.

15. Zahid Khan actor hero of new generation.

16. Imran Khan actor nephew of Aamir Khan famous in youngster.

17.Irfan Khan actor related to Film and T.V.

18.Shahbaz Khan actor of Film and Indian T.V.

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Khan's are the leading people of Bollywood. They are the ones that have the most influence. Be it Salman, Shahrukh or Aamir Khan.

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Q: Name some famous Indian actors with the surname of Khan?
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It is a famous song of the film "Ready" starring Famous Indian actor, Salman Khan, Famous Indian actress, Asin.

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Are Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan related?

No Shahrukh and salman are not related. They are just actors and act in movies. Both have just one common thing that is khan which is their surname.

Who is famous Indian violinist?

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What is the cast of imran khan?

The surname of Imran is Khan. He is a Muslim by cast. Aamir khan, the giant of Bollywood is his uncle.Khan.

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