Who is the famous Indian actor?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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sharu khan

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Q: Who is the famous Indian actor?
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Who is shrukkhan?

Indian Famous Actor

Who is most famous Indian actor is it shahrukh khan?

Yes Shahrukh Khan is the most famous Indian actor. Salman Khan is also very popular.

What is dhinka chika?

It is a famous song of the film "Ready" starring Famous Indian actor, Salman Khan, Famous Indian actress, Asin.

Who is most famous Indian actor worldwide?

Amithab Bachchan

Which Indian film actor-director-producer of Bollywood was famous as The Show Man?

Late Raj Kapoor was famous as 'The Show Man' of the Indian Film Industry.

What is Vikram the actor famous for?

The actor Vikram is famous for appearing in many Indian Tamil language films. He has won numerous awards and appeared in films such as 'Samurai' and 'Saamy'.

Which famous Indian actor was honoured with the Dadasaheb Phalke award in 1994?

Dilip Kumar

Who is the mosr popular Indian actor?

The most popular Indian actor are many. Rajnikanth is one such actor who is famous all over. Shah Rukh khan's stature is very big too.

How did the Indian actor Suraj Sharma get famous?

The Indian actor Suraj Sharma got famous by getting a part in the film "Life of Pi" and playing the part in that film very well. He received eight nominations for awards, and won two of them.

Did Nicole Meyer the south African model dated an Indian?

Yes, she dated the famous indian actor/model Sidharth Malhotra.

What was the original name of the famous Indian film actor Shammi Kapoor?

The original name of Shammi Kapoor was Shamsher Raj Kapoor.

What is Ajay Devgan famous for?

Ajay Devgan is a famous Indian actor. He is a leading actor in Bollywood - India's equivalent of the US Hollywood. He is most role is Bol Bachchan which opened in 2012.