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Batman(1943 Serial) - Lewis Wilson

Batman and Robin(1949 Serial) - Robert Lowery

Batman: The movie (1966)-Adam West


Batman(1989)-Michael Keaton

Batman Returns(1992) - Michael Keaton

Batman Forever(1995) - Val Kilmer

Batman & Robin(1997) - George Clooney


Batman Begins(2005) - Christian Bale

The Dark Knight(2007) - Christian Bale

The Dark Knight Rises(2012) - Christian Bale

Dividing Lines Indicate new directors and new series

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Q: Name all of the batman movies in order 1st to most recent who played batman in each movie?
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Who played The Joker in the most recent Batman movie?

Heath Ledger

Is Anne Hathaway playing cat woman in the new batman movie?

Currently 3 women have played Catwoman in Batman movies. Lee Meriwether played the character in 1966's "Batman: The Movie". Michelle Pfeiffer played her in the movie "Batman Returns" released in 1992. The most recent version was played by Anne Hathaway in 2012 in the movie "The Dark Knight Rises". Currently no one has been named to play Catwoman in any upcoming DC films.

Which Batman movies were the Joker in?

Batman: The Movie- 1966 Batman- 1989 The Dark Knight- 2008

Ame all of the batman movies in order 1st to most recent who played batman in each movie?

Theatrical Movies* Batman (Serial) -1943-* ** Lewis Wilson * Batman and Robin (Serial) -1949-* ** Robert Lowery * Batman -1966-* ** Adam West * Batman -1989-* ** Michael Keaton * Batman Returns -1992-* ** Michael Keaton * Batman: Mask of the Phantasm (Animated) -1993-* ** Kevin Conroy (Voice) * Batman Forever -1995-* ** Val Kilmer * Batman and Robin -1997-* ** George Clooney * Batman Begins -2005-* ** Christian Bale * The Dark Knight -2008-* ** Christian Bale

What actor played batman in the 1966 movie batman?

Adam West played Batman. The movie was a summer followup to the first season (1965-66) of the Batman TV show.

Who is the star of the new terminator salvation movie?

christian bale. he plays batman in the latest batman movies.

Who is Heath Leger?

Heith Leger is an actor who died after the making of his most recent movie Batman: The Dark Knight. He played as The Joker in the film.

Who was Joker In The Movie Batman?

In the movie Batman (the dark knight) Heath Ledger played as the joker.

Who played Batman in the highest grossing Batman movie?

Christian Bale

Who played catwoman in the Batman movie?

In the 1966 Batman live-action movie, Lee Meriwether played Catwoman. This was a summer followup to the Batman TV show with Adam West as Batman and Burt Ward as Robin.

Who played batman in the first batman movie?

Adam West & Burt Ward

When was the first batman movie?

Batman (1943) starring Lewis Wilson was the first Batman movie.