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Maybe you are referring to humming.

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The sound is made when a person hums.

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Q: Musical sound made with the lips closed?
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A musical noise made with your lips closed?


What sound is made by instruments?

Musical masterpieces.

How is musical sound made?

For reed intruments it is the pressure and amount of air flow against it vibrates thus creating sound. In brass instruments the buzzing of lips and air flow to control the pitch of a note then moving valves or slide to play different notes

What are brasswind instruments?

Brass wind instruments are musical devices made of brass or other metal, where sound is produced through vibration of the lips and adjustment of valves or slides. Some examples are the French horn and the trombone.

What is mmmmmm?

Its ; a. group of 6 letter m's b. The sound made when the top and bottom lips are close and the sound of the lett M is made thus making a humming sound.

How is a musical sound made on a tuba?

makes a highh piched noise

How do I type the sound we make when putting one finer to lips to indicate be quiet?

This sound is made by the letters /sh/ in English.

Difference between musical sounds and non- musical sounds?

A musical sound has a strongly regular vibration causing a specific pitch, where a non musical sound is made from many different frequencies reducing the listeners ability to pick up a musical tone.

Musical instruments and sound produced by them?

musical instruments differ in the part of the instrument that vibrates and in the way that the vibrations are made

Whats the difference between barbie dolls in Japan and the US?

Japanese Barbie dolls are made with their lips closed.

Where do pickled pig lips come from?

Pickled pig lips are exactly what they sound like. They are the lips of pigs soaked in a solution called brine. In most cases, the brine is mostly made from vinegar.

How does the French horn proudoce its sound?

When you buzz your lips, it vibrates the air in the instrument. This is how the sound is made, same as any other brass instrument.