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yes I want high school musical 3 to be made

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Paris Hilton ( who sucks )

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Q: Who will film high school musical?
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What is the duration of High School Musical film series?

The duration of High School Musical - film series - is 1.62 hours.

Do they film high school musical 2 at the same high school they did in high school musical 1?

I guess the answer is yes.

What school did they film school musical?

East High.

What kind of musical is High school musical?

High school musical is a children's film. It is a mixture of pop, rock and normal singing.

When was High School Musical - soundtrack - created?

Fabulous - High School Musical song - was created on 2007-08-13.

What is 'High School Musical'?

It is a modern film about high school students playing basketball,falling in love, and a musicical play. Watch it on Disney Channel!

Does troy going to die in the film high school musical and why?

No. High School Musical is a Disney Channel movie, and since little kids will be watching High School Musical, there will be no death, OR blood and gore.

Why do you like High School Musical 2 this film?

its boring

What does music do to film?

Hurt it. High school musical is an example.

What is Anna Friel's Favorite Film?

high school musical

Where can you get the high school musical credits?

Probably at the end of the film.

What salt lake city school did they use to film the movie High school musical?

High School East