Mr Fred on Captain Kangaroo

Updated: 4/28/2022
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There was no Mr. Fred on Captain Kangaroo.

There were only three characters named Mr. anything:

  • Mr. Baxter, played by actor James E. Wall - seen from 1974-1981.
  • Mr. Green Jeans, played by actor Hugh Brannum - seen from 1955-1984.
  • Mr. Moose, portrayed by puppeteer Cosmo Allegretti - seen from 1976-1981.

This is not exactly true. There was a blobby cartoon guy on a screen that the Captain would talk to and his name was Fred.

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Q: Mr Fred on Captain Kangaroo
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Did Captain Kangaroo and Mr Rogers served in the Armed Forces at all?

Yes, both Captain Kangaroo (Bob Keeshan) and Mr. Rogers (Fred Rogers) served in the Armed Forces. Bob Keeshan served in the Marine Corps during World War II, and Fred Rogers served in the U.S. Navy and was an active member for several years.

Was Mr Greenjeans kicked off captain kangaroo show?


Who was captain kangaroo 2 animal friends?

Mr. Moose and Bunny Rabbit

What character on Captain Kangaroo told knock knock jokes?

Mr Green Jeans

What does the cartoon character mr Fred look like on captain kangaroo?

He was the little round guy on the screen. I was looking for the same info except I knew what he looked like but didn't know his name. Thanks for the help. I found this link that tells all about him.

What happened to Mister Moose the puppet from Captain Kangaroo?

I'm not positive but I think Mr. Moose is in the Smithsonian.

What is Captain kangaroo's real name?

"Puffin' Billy (The Captain Kangaroo Theme)"

What is the duration of Captain Kangaroo?

The duration of Captain Kangaroo is 3600.0 seconds.

Did mr green jeans have children?

Mr. Green Jeans was a fictional character. He was a farmer and a regular character, more or less educational- on The television program Captain Kangaroo. I am not sure if one or more than one actor essayed the role- as Captain Kangaroo was afloat a good many years.

Which tv show from the 50's had the character named mrgreen jeans?

The TV show from the 50's with the character named Mr. Green Jeans was "Captain Kangaroo." The character was played by Hugh "Lumpy" Brannum, and Mr. Green Jeans was known for his calm and friendly demeanor.

What did kids watch in the 1960's?

very little, they were mostly out playing with their friends, they did like Mr. Dressup, Mr. Rogers, and howdy doody, Captain Kangaroo

What was the actors name who played Captain Kangaroo on TV?

Captain Kangaroo (Bob Keeshan) was the host of a children's television show that ran for 30 years (mid 50s to mid 80s). His sidekick was Mr. Green Jeans.