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Freaky Friday

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Q: Movie of Two Sisters in love with the same guy?
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What was the Disney movie that had two sisters that love to drag race?

right on track

How does the movie Beauty and the Beast related to love?

Because in part of the movie, it has love. Also, Belle (Character name) is in love and her two sisters are mean and all that. If you've read the book, you can see how. Visit Wikipedia! :)

What is the movie called where two sisters go to live with their crazy aunt and she digs in trash and stuff?

Two sisters

What anime has two vampire sisters that hate each other but love each others protectors?

vampire sisters

What are the names of Danielle's two step sisters in the movie ever after?

Marguerite and Jaqueline.

Did Julius Caesar have any sisters?

Julius Caesar had two sisters. Both were called Julia, which was a common name.

Can you put two female gerbils in the same cage?

only if there sisters

Does the term fraternal applies also to sisters or is it only for brothers?

Although the term is commonly used to refer to an organization which consists mainly of men, it has a broader meaning when it comes to biology. In biology, Embryos derived from two separate fertilized ova are "fraternal"; "fraternal twins" are two twin brother or two twin sisters or twin sister and brother derived from two separate ova fertilized at approximately the same time and thus gestated at the same time. Can we then talk of FRATERNAL LOVE to the affection between SISTERS?

Who did Helen Keller love in her family?

her mom and her dad,and her two sisters, and her 1 brother Phillip.

What was the tv programme the 'Two Sister' about?

There exists no TV program called "Two Sister." However, there is a movie called "Two Sisters" that was made in 1991. It follows the life of two sisters and how their lifestyle dramatically changes in the blink of an eye.

What movie and television projects has The Duncan Sisters been in?

The Duncan Sisters has: Played The Duncan Sisters in "Two Flaming Youths" in 1927. Played Themselves in "The Voice of Hollywood No. 7" in 1930. Played Themselves - Guest Vaudeville Duo in "Four Star Revue" in 1950. Played Themselves in "All You Need Is Love" in 1977. Played Themselves in "American Masters" in 1985.

Where is Kerri Green the actress in the Goonies movie?

She is set to do a new movie, " Complacement" about two sisters with many challenges. It is a comeback and was written with her in mind.