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I Never Heard Michael Jackson Kiss

I'm Click Michael Jackson And I'm Get Him Hug And Kiss

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Q: Michael James Jackson of kiss fame?
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Did Michael Jackson kiss the microphone?

No, Michael wouldn't kiss the microphone.

Could Michael Jackson kiss?

Yes he could kiss.

Were Michael Jackson a fan of the band kiss?

No he wasn't.

How many times did Michael Jackson kiss Lisa Marie kiss?

Ask Lisa.

Did Michael Jackson ever kiss debbie rowe?


Did Michael Jackson really kiss the girl in Remember the time on her lips?

yes Michael Jackson did kiss Iman in remember the time

Why did tatiana thumbtzen kiss Michael Jackson?

Michael Jackson did not kiss was she who kissed him during a concert in NY Madison square garden in 1988(?). The next day she was fired.

Does Michael Jackson fan like his kiss?

Cause they do because he the King Of Pop.

Is Michael Jackson hot?

yes he is and he is also pretty sexy to it makes you want to kiss him

Did kishaya dudley ever kiss Michael Jackson for real?

yes its in the you rock my world video

Did Michael Jackson kiss Diana ross?

Yes he probably did but not as a girlfriend and boyfriend kiss, just a friendly kiss. Michael did have a crush on Diana Ross and did want to marry her, and refused to be best man at her wedding because he was upset she got married.

Did Michael Jackson ever kissed a baby named skylar price?

yes, Micheal did kiss the babby