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There is no known footage of the kiss, only pictures.

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Q: Where can you find a video of Michael Jackson and tatiana thumbzten kissing?
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Where can you find pictures of Michael Jackson and tatiana thumbzten kissing?

I would say

Was Tatiana thumbzten lying about Michael Jackson?

if yall don't stop online bullying i am going to report all of yall and yes tatina was lying about michael jackson NOW SHUT THE F*** UP

Did Michael Jackson ever speak of tatiana?


Was Tatiana Thumtzen Michael Jackson's ex-girlfriend?


Who did the way you make me feel with Michael Jackson?

Tatiana Thumbtzen did The Way You Make Me Feel with Michael Jackson.

Who kissed michael jackson on bad tour?

Tatiana Thumbtzen

Why did Michael Jackson break-up with tatiana?

They never dated.

Why did tatiana thumbtzen kiss Michael Jackson?

Michael Jackson did not kiss was she who kissed him during a concert in NY Madison square garden in 1988(?). The next day she was fired.

Who is tatiana thumbten?

Tatiana thumbtzen is the girl from the michael jackson music video the way you make me feel and also she is a model.

What Was Michael Jackson's 3rd solo song?

" I Wanna Be Where You Are" in 1972, from "Ben" -*~*Tatiana*~*

Did Tatiana Thumbtzen say Michael Jackson was gay?

No she has never said anything like that.

Why is tatiana thumbtzen so obsessed with Michael Jackson?

Maybe because she loved him? You better let her answer that.