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Yes. * South Pacific (1949) (Broadway) * South Pacific (1951) (London)

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Q: Mary Martin costar in south pacific?
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Who played Nellie Forbush in the 1949 version of South Pacific?

If you mean the Broadway stage version, it was Mary Martin.

Who played the female lead in the original South Pacific play?

Mary Martin played Ensign Nellie Forbush who was the lead.

Who is the costar who plays in 'The Maltese Falcon'?

Mary Astor

Who were the original Broadway cast members of South Pacific?

Mary Martin as Nellie Forbush, Ezio Pinza as Emile de Becque, Juanita Hall as Bloody Mary, Myron McCormick as Luther Billis. For the full cast go to:

What island did the character bloody Mary sing about in the hit Broadway musical South Pacific?

Bali Hai

What actors and actresses appeared in Mary Martin at Eastertime - 1966?

The cast of Mary Martin at Eastertime - 1966 includes: Mary Martin as herself

Who is the character of south pacific?

There are several characters from South Pacific. The main character is a nurse named Nellie Forbush. Others include Lt. Joseph Cable, Bloody Mary, Jerome, Emile de Becque, and Ngana.

When was Mary Martin born?

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When did Mary Letitia Martin die?

Mary Letitia Martin died in 1850.

When was Mary Martin - missionary - born?

Mary Martin - missionary - was born in 1892.

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