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South Calumet Ave

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Q: What was the address where Mary Alice Quinn lived on the south side of Chicago?
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The original album from 1967, titled Alice's Restaurant is 34 minutes and 36 seconds long (34:36).The song titled "Alice's Restaurant Massacree" varies in length depending on which album it appears on.On the original album (mentioned above) the song clocked in at 18:20.On 1969's Alice's Restaurant [Original Soundtrack], from the film Alice's Restaurant, directed by Arthur Penn, starring Arlo Guthrie, Patricia Quinn & James Broderick, the run time was 15:52.On The Best of Arlo Guthrie, released in 1977, the song lasted 18:36.In 1996, Alice's Restaurant: The Massacree Revisitedcontained the longest version at 22:26.

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