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Bend Over, Touch Your Toes !

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Q: Lyrics to bend it over Lil Wayne?
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Lil Wayne lyrics? is a good lyrics website.

What Lil Wayne song repeats lyrics that say I can't Hear ya?

hoes sing - lil Wayne

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I only know the lyrics to Lil Wayne's part.

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lil Wayne

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The lyrics speak for themselves.

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Sorry- but the lyrics of the song by Lil Wayne are not suitable to repeat here.

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All of theM

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I wondered that to until I listened to Mr. Carter by Lil Wayne and the first verse is the same verse as see right thru. So, I think someone was just bored and mixed two verses together. If you want the lyrics to Lil Wayne's verse look up Mr. Carter lyrics, and that will tell you what the lyrics are.

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