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He hope to remind Jack and his tribe that they are not savages but simply schoolboys stranded on an island. He hope that this will remind them that they are civilised human beings and that there are some things that they should not do.

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Ralph wants to confront Jack but stay civilized. If they dress like Jack and his tribe they would be just the same as them. Also Ralph wants to set himself aside from Jack and his tribe.

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Q: Lord of the Flies why does Ralph think that dressing like they where would assist them in dealing with Jack?
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Who is elected leader in Lord of the Flies?

In "Lord of the Flies" by William Golding, Ralph is elected as the leader by the group of boys stranded on the island. His democratic approach contrasts with Jack's authoritarian leadership style, leading to a power struggle between the two characters.

Who are some famous people named Ralph?

Ralph Macchio, Ralph Fiennes, Ralph Nader, Ralph Lauren and the character Ralph from the book Lord of the Flies.

In the book Lord of the Flies what is Ralph's age?

Ralph, the Protagonist of Lord of the Flies, is 12 years old. According to the book Ralph is described as being "twelve and a few months."

In the Lord of the Flies why are the british boys alone on a deserted tropical island?

The boys are alone on the deserted island because their plane crashes while they are being evacuated from England due to an impending nuclear war. In the chaos of the crash, the boys find themselves stranded on the uninhabited island.

Who are the only bugns who have remained with Ralph in the lord of the flies?

The boys who stick with Ralph in "Lord of the Flies" are Piggy, Sam, and Eric. They provide support for Ralph's leadership and attempt to maintain order on the island despite the escalating chaos.

Who is the only one that can interrupt when someone is speaking in lord of the flies?

The Leader (Ralph)

In Lord of the Flies ho grabbed Eric's spear and jabbed Robert with it?

Roger grabbed Eric's spear and jabbed Robert with it as a part of the group's escalating violence and descent into savagery on the island. It symbolizes the loss of civilization and the boys' growing willingness to harm one another in the absence of authority.

Who represents ego in 'Lord of the Flies'?


Who are the leaders in Lord of the Flies?

Jack and Ralph.

What does Ralph say you have to do-Lord of the Flies?


Who enforced the rules in Lord of the Flies?


Who is chosen to be chief on Lord of the Flies?