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Yes it is

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Q: Life is what you make it is it by Hannah Montana?
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Do you like Hannah Montana or the suite life?

Hannah Montana!!!

What are the notes to play Hannah Montana life is what you make it?

can you please answer my question?

What is better Hannah Montana one in a million or Hannah Montana life's what you make it?

In my opinion "Life's What You Make It" is the better 1 because it describes how she is living life and how she should not let any small frustration ever bring her down.

Is Hannah Montana in jail in life?

Hannah Montana is a fictional character, so there is NO possibility that she is in jail in real life.

Did Hannah Montana get in trouble?

No Hannah Montana is not in jail she played an episode she was in jail but in real life she is not

In Hannah Montana the Movie did Miley decide to be Hannah or Miley to be for the rest of her life?


Is Hannah Montana really billy ray cyrus's daughter?

yes she is in Hannah Montana and in real life

What is the original name of mileys character in Hannah Montana?

Miley Stewart, double life - Hannah Montana.

Does Hannah Montana in the real is Miley Cyrus?

yes Hannah Montana is Miley Cyrus in real life :)

Is Hannah Montana out on DVD yet?

There are 6 DVDs out with Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus: Livin' the Rockstar Life Popstar Profile Life's What You Make It One In a Million Keepin' It Real Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus Best of Both Worlds Concert in 3D Hannah Montana: The Movie wont be out on DVD for another few months because it is still in theathers across America

Why did she become Hannah Montana?

Miley became Hannah Montana because she wanted to have a normal life as well as having a life where she could be famous

Is Miley Cyrus really over her Hannah Montana life?

Yes in the year of 2011 she'll totally quit her Hannah Montana life.