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Well umm Kane does that because he wants to break his neck.

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Q: Kane vs Matt hardy Kane puts chair over Matts neck?
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What is Matt and Jeff hardy middle name?

Jeffrey Nero Hardy Matthew Moore Hardy

Who won Matt hardy vs Jeff hardy at WrestleMania 25?

Matt Hardy with a twist of fate in a chair.

How did Matt hardy win at wm25?

Matt hardy does a twist of fate onto a steel chair.

Where can you find pictures of Jeff Hardy?

u can go on Google and type in wwe Jeff hardy or go to matts offical myspace and check his only Matt hardy

Lita baby is Kane or Matt hardy?

Lita never had a baby

Is Matt Hardy and Lita gay?

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Does Jeff hardy hate Matt hardy?

No they really don't hate each other, its just a storyline, and so is matts broken arm. if you watch the last episode of the hardy show which was made 5-6-09 its shows Matt and Jeff being friends and pals

Was lita pregnat?

yes she was with Kane Matt hardy or edges baby no one knows

Why dont jeff hardy like Matt hardy?

because jeff feels like matt is always putting him down thin and there saying stuff behind his back basically matts making him feel like he doesent belong anywhere

Did Jeff hardy brake Matts hand?

Well no, but WWE want the WWE Unverise to blevie that Jeff Hardy is exterme so that made Matt Hardy were a cast to make it look like that Jeff broke his arm.

If Matt hardy and Jeff hardy are bros?

.of course Matt & Jeff are brothers and then later on when Jeff was 32 years old he was hit by a chair by his brother i know sad right.

Where can I find Jeff Hardy coloring pages?

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