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Well no, but WWE want the WWE Unverise to blevie that Jeff Hardy is exterme so that made Matt Hardy were a cast to make it look like that Jeff broke his arm.

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Q: Did Jeff hardy brake Matts hand?
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What happened after Jeff hardy vs. Matt hardy I quit match?

Jeff broke Matt's hand and now they don't even fight

Is Matt hardy the wrestler s hand broken?

no he just doesnt want to admit that he lost to his younger brother Jeff hardy

What is Jeff Hardy's hand sign mean the one that he makes with his hands?

it is like a gun or it can also mean a "J" for Jeff it is like a gun or it can also mean a "J" for Jeff

What does Jeff Hardy's hand sign mean?

it stands for version 2 because he is the younger brother of Matt (version 1)

Is Jeff Hardy's tattoo the snake on his hand real?

Yes, it is.See the related link below for a picture of Jeff with the snake.No its not a snake its a root. It goes from his fingers to behind his ear and on his neck

When Jeff Hardy comes out to the ring and holds up one hand and shakes it then puts the other hand up and shakes it what does it mean?

It's just part of his dance entrance

Why do Jeff hardy polish his nails black?

Jeff is an artist and expresses his artistry with his body. His hair, Painted Face, Whole arm and hand with tattoos his finger nails are just another part of his art

Does Jeff Hardy smoke?

Yes he does hes a good person but he smokes google it watch the hardy show or whatever but he does smoke idc though it doesnt mean anything about him

Does Matt Hardy wrestle anymore?

Matt Hardy does wrestle. He is now under the brand of "RAW" because of the 2009 WWE Draft. After Jeff and Matt's match at Backlash Matt announced that he was only wrestling to "protest" against wrestling with a"broken hand".

When was Jeff Hand born?

Jeff Hand was born on 1970-07-26.

Who is the best wrestlers?

Everyone has their own opinion. Please use the discussion section to discuss your different opinions.

How do you remove the hand brake cable on a 96 gmc jimmy?

Hand brake? I thought the last GMC with a hand brake was in 68, but I could be wrong.