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muhammed shafees is the biggest fan of John Cena

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Q: John cena I am your biggest fan of them all?
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Who is John Cena biggest fan?

Marley Cotey is John Cena's biggest fan ever!:)

Does John Cena have a big fan?

john cenas biggest fan is a young girl named alymegan langdon

Would john cena get married to one of his fans?

cena is already married to his biggest fan! Elizabeth Huberdeau

Was John Cena a merine?

lovee; John Cena's #1 fan aka Casey Cena.(:

What is john cena favorite rapper?

Snoop Doug!He is min to and i am a huge fan of john cena to

Who is amir Khans biggest fan?

amir khans biggest fan is triple h,hbk,Tyson,steven jerade,john cena,mark henrey,mr perfect although he died.mostly chris Jericho and jeffrey Freddie hardy.

Does john cena answer his fan's emails?

he doesnt have 1

What is John Cena's official fan page on Facebook?

he does

Who is a john cena or Shawn micheals fan?

a human being

Does john cena like mikie?

it's mickie; and he youst to flirt with her on t.v., but not for real. love; john cena's #1 fan!!<3

What state is john cena in right now?

hey john cena i'm your super large fan of yours i wish you can be my brother contact me

Is john cena a lakers fan?

yes he is and i am too and he loves the paitrates.