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What is bad for your eyes, if you sit too close to the television set. Another problem that effects your eyes in the long run, if you watch television in the dark. In addition the computer is bad for your eyes if you are on it too often and it's a must to have a desk lamp over your computer. The television is very bad for your eyes if you sit in front of it for over 2 hours.

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Well in some cases it can be harmful. They could see something innapropriate on tv that could mess up things in their brain system.Disney channel is a great channel for kids. Sure they have some kissing parts in it but it's a very family safe channel for them.Try not to let your child watch the show Family Guy. It's one of the worst shows they could watch!

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It affect them because they do things that they see on television and some shows have a great number of violence.

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television bad for teens

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Q: Is watching television bad for teens?
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Does watching tv cause teens to drink and use drugs?

No lol

Is too much TV bad for your eyes?

Yes, TV can be bad for your eyes and for your brain but that depends on what you are watching.

Does watching tv encourage teens behavior?

Spoiling a child may cause a bad behavior, and they could and maybe just act a little different each day because they are picking up different behaviors on the TV, and will try them on their friends or somebody else .

Is it bad for the animals health?

I believe you question is incomplete. If you are asking "Watching tv, is it bad for the animal health?" the answer is YES. Watching tv for a long time could harm animal health. Thank You.

Text discussion about watching tv good or bad?

depends what ya watch

Will WWE become TV-14?

my answer is no because if they do they will put a bad invluence to the kids watching

Is watching TV bad?

if you watch too much like 10 hours or more

Is it bad to have a friend who enjoys watching only anime?

No. Who cares what kind of tv he likes?

What is a good topic sentence for a speech about why too much TV is bad for you?

you will be nothing but a lump watching tv

How is tv a bad influence?

It all depends on what your watching, and it could hurt your vision, and you can become addicted

Why is TV not good for you?

I like watching T.V but it does make you have bad eye site and that you will get carried away with it and spend your hole life watching T.V.

Does tv shows keeps people from being face to face with their friends and family?

yes because if you are watching your favorite show then you will keep watching your show instead of talking to your friends and family. 70% of teens keep watching their shows even after they are told to do something else. 50% of the kids will bring their friends and family to the tv and only talk to them during comercails.