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how do you put toonami on thr oku box as a channel

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Q: Is toonami aftermath on roku
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Is there is Neo toonami?

yes there is Neo toonami

When is Toonami coming back?

Toonami will return on May 26 of 2012

Is toonami a cable chanel?

Yes! Yes it is!! Toonami is a cable channel!!!

When will toonami comeback?

never unless cartoonetwork run out of options, and new people come on the set to do toonami because the people who to do toonami retire.

When was Toonami Jetstream created?

Toonami Jetstream was created on 2006-07-17.

When did Toonami first air?

Toonami first aired on Cartoon Network in 1997.

Will Megaman NT warrior be on toonami jetstream?

Nope. Never. Toonami Jetsream was cancled.

What happened to toonami jetstream?

Toonami Jetstream ended on January 30, 2009, which was about 4 months after the cancellation of Toonami itself. Cartoon Network probably wanted to leave Toonami Jetstream up for a while to make people happy. But, then wanted to get rid of the Toonami branding completely, which was unannounced and happened out of nowhere. -ElectroGamer64

Can you watch toonami?

no you can not.

Will cartoonnetwork going to bring toonami back?

No, Toonami announced that it was officially over. You can check it out on youtube.

When Naruto shippudden on cartoonnetwork?

It never will because Anime was part of Toonami and Toonami isn't on CartoonNetwork anymore.

What is Toonami?

it was a part of CartoonNetwork