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There are a number of websites to show movies with English subtitles including, and

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Yes. It is available online.

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Q: Is there website show movie with English subtitles-?
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What does subtitrari mean in english?

"Subtitrari" is the Romanian word for "subtitles." Subtitles are the translated transcript of the spoken parts of a movie that show up on the bottom of the screen. For example a movie produced in Romanian can have English subtitles so that American viewers can also enjoy it.

I know Avatar the Last Airbender is an American show and already in English but where can I find it with English subtitles in addition to the English speech?

You can watch Avatar the Last Airbender in English with English subtitles by changing the settings on your tv/DVD player.

How can you watch movies with subtitles?

To add English subtitles on the TV, you can go to the menu with the remote or on the TV. Through the menu you can search for the subtitle command and chose which language to appear on the bottom of a show or movie.

Where you can watch or download the Korean show Jewel In The Palace dubbed in Hindi or English online?

You can watch it with English subtitles on or but currently, there isn't any Hindi dubbed or subtitles version, at least not that I know of.

How to Watch Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 19 With English Subtitles?

" The Morning Show – official site The Morning Show on IMDb

Why do captions show up on your television?

They have been turned on in the TV's menu system, or you are watching a foreign movie that has subtitles.

Do spanish cinemas show English movies?

Not really sure what you are asking, most Latin countries have English language theatres that show English movies or they have regular theatres that show English movies with Spanish subtitles ( I know Spain, Mexico, and Puerto Rico do) There are also theatres in the United States geared towards a Spanish audience that only show Spanish Language movies.

When will Full Metal Brotherhood show?

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is already on air. For the series with English subtitles it plays once every week on Fridays on Animax.

What language does lady rainicorn speak?

Lady Rainicorn speaks Korean. Her dialogue is often shown in the show with English subtitles for viewers who do not understand Korean.

Where to watch tv shows online with English subtitles for free?

Hello,There are many platforms where you can watch movies with English subtitles online.My favorite go-to choices to recommend you will be Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Netflix, and Youtube.All of these platforms come with a caption (ON/OFF)setting in their video panel. So once you open the movie which you want to see, look out for the setting tab at the bottom right side of the screen. It would have a setting icon. Click that, go on captions/subtitles option, select on, select language as English and there you go.You are sorted :)

Can you order for subtitles for a TV show and is it possible to ask the corresponding TV house to send me those without paying?

Maybe. It generally depends on your country. If you have the show in one of the common compressed formats (AVI, MP4) or a similar uncompressed format (MKV), you may be able to get subtitles (free) from a website like opensubtitles that will allow you to play the video and the subtitles on your computer, or on a DVD player that can interpret the show format (most do, but not all). The show name and the subtitle name have to be identical except for the file extension, e.g. Good Wife.avi and Good in order for the player to be able to associate the show with the subtitles. If you have a DVD with the show on it, you cannot use an external subtitle file. The DVD will either have subtitles "built in" or, if it doesn't, you can't easily add them. In some countries, such as the United Kingdom, subtitles must be provided free, by law. This is because according to the law in those countries, disabled people are to be treated equally and have the same opportunities as non-disabled people - this includes the right to free subtitling. Failure to provide clear subtitles in the United Kingdom for example is a criminal offence.

Can someone tell you where you can watch the show AKBINGO with English subtitles?

You can watch it in Dailymotion by simply searching 'Akbingo eng sub.' Not all of the episodes are downloaded, but you can watch some of them. Have fun!