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Yes, there is.

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Q: Is there such thing as a pro tournament for yu-gi-oh cards in real life?
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How do you tell what the heath is on yu-gi-oh cards?

1, yugioh cards don't have health 2, we use life points!

Where can you get cheap Yu-Gi-Oh cards?

If your talkin about real life cards go to tescos OR if your talkin about yugioh nightmare troubadour, you can buy packs for 1000KC.

How do you find people to trade in real life?

Go to any clubs/tournaments and bring your cards To find a tournament, look up Pokemon TCG tournament tracker

What is the title of a PS2 game which had a sequel not Yugioh where you played as a girl who used cards which came to life as monsters to battle enemies?

yougio i think but i spelled it wrong

How do you beat the Harvest Angel of Wisdom in yugioh world championship 2008?

you can try using exodia or destiny board or you use action replay and gell all cards and infinite life

What is the thing that you draw cards from in YO-GI-OH in real life?

A deck.

How many life points do monster cards get in yugioh?

Monster cards do not have life points and there is no concept of 'damaging' a monster card except for battle. In battle a monster either dies or it does not, there is no accumulating damage such as in Magic the Gathering. A monster can fight off an infinite amount of monsters that are weaker than it, but is destroyed if it battles with one of equal or greater power.

In Yugioh if both players drew all 5 pieces of Exodia for their first 5 cards who would win?

No one, that would be a draw - same as if both players had their life points reduced to 0 at the same time.

When is Life Stream Dragon coming out as a Yugioh card?

i think in spring 2011

Does the card power balance form Yugioh exist in real life?

Currently, there is not.

Are there real copies of the God cards in real life?

Yes, there are currently tournament-legal copies of Obelisk the Tormentor and The Winged Dragon of Ra as of 4/25/10. There are also copies of all three God cards that cannot be used in official tournaments and duels.

In yugioh do you think they should be able to restrict cards and if so then shouldn't it just be the unbeatable cards like the god cards and exodia?

AnswerThis depends upon several things. First of all, Certain cards have been restricted because the game has become a LOT more complex over the years. Some of the more powerful cards have been replaced with less powerful versions of themselves. And so-called "Unbeatable" cards are rare.The Egyptian God Cards ARE not Tournament-Legal!! They do not have the qualities that certain other cards possess, such as a legal Type/Attribute, and the Official Konami/Yu-Gi-Oh! Seal on the back of the card.Exodia is NOT "Unbeatable" because you have to draw ALL 5 pieces of it in order to win ONE out of 3 duels in a Tournament Match. A Tournament-Legal Deck usually has 40 cards, so the odds of drawing ALL five pieces of Exodia aren't actually in the player's favor. Therefore, the Exodia pieces aren't forbidden. Some cards just are. I'm not sure why they pick certain cards out, but that's just the way the game is. It's complex.AnswerAs the game became more advanced over the years, less powerful cards replaced the more powerful ones, such as Monster Reborn, which was replaced with Premature Burial and Call Of The Haunted. Some of the game's ORIGINAL cards are still Tournament Legal, because they don't create player advantages or "godding".Answer Well there are reasons behind some bans, like Chaos Emperor Dragon because of the person who made Yata-Lock so the opponent had no hand and couldn't draw, and the person who used Butterfly Dagger - Elma with Gearfried the Iron Knight and Spell Absorption for infinite life points. I'll agree that some bans are not needed but there's usually a good reason for the bans.