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you can try using exodia or destiny board or you use action replay and gell all cards and infinite life

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Q: How do you beat the Harvest Angel of Wisdom in yugioh world championship 2008?
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What yugioh card should you use as a replacement for shining angel?

Nova summoner for lights

What is a good counter fairy deck?

If you mean a counter to a fairy deck is DNA surgery. It changes the type of all monsters on the field. Say the type is what your deck main monsters are. some counter fairies are Harvest angel of wisdom and Voltanis the adjucator.

Is there a Yu-Gi-Oh card called angel dragon?

there is no angle dragon in yugioh, they might come out with one in the future, but i doubt it

What cards can help YUGIOH lightsworn decks other then lightsworns?

Honest, shining angel, judgment dragon, guardian angel joan, beconing light, monster regeeneration and revive cards like monster reborn.

What has the author Barbara Baatz written?

Barbara Baatz has written: 'Iron-on Transfers for Quilt Labels' 'Angel of Peace' 'Glorious gardens' 'Little CrossStitch Purses' 'Angel of the Harvest' 'Angel of Fantasy'

Who is Angel Macias?

Angel Macias was one of the boys in the Monterrey Industrials LLWS baseball team in 1957. The was the teams main pitcher, and pitched a Perfect Game in the championship game of the 1957 LLWS tournament.

What has the author Alan L Wong written?

Alan L. Wong has written: 'The pillar of wisdom' 'From the silence' 'Angel in the dark' 'The orphan of China'

Who censors yugioh cards?

Konami is responsible for deciding which cards to censor when they come to the TCG, and what they will censor. Typically it is religious symbols like crosses and halos, words like 'angel', revealing female clothing, etc.

Will American model and Victoria's Secret angel Lily Aldridge become a WWE diva to fight alexa bliss for the WWE Raw Women's Championship?


What duel spirits are in the World of Grace in World Championship 2008?

Thunder Nyan Nyan Absorbing Kid from the SkySoul of Purity and Light Kaibaman Royal KnightFreya, the Spirit of Victory Cloudian Poison Cloud (only one duel) Radiant Jeral Guardian Angel JoanMarshmallon Voltanis the Adjudicator Harvest Angel of Wisdom These Spirits are in a secondary world unlocked after defeating Cloudian Poison Cloud: Dancing Fairies, Senju of the Thousand Hands and Mokey Mokey These Spirits are at the "tower" at the very top of the map. After defeating one you'll move onto the next one: Alkana Knight Joker, The End of Anubis, Arcana Force Extra - The Light Ruler, White Night Dragon and lastly Beast King Barbaros After defeating the five Spirits and their challenges you arrive at the gate and Sky Guardian - Sefolile will be there to challenge you.

Is there a Yu-Gi-Oh card that adds traps from your graveyard to your hand?

The following add Trap Cards to the hand:Mask of DarknessTrap ReclamationHarvest Angel of Wisdom (Counter Trap Cards only)

Why is Sephiroth's special move called Sin Harvest instead of Heartless Angel in Kingdom Hearts 2?

That's a question for the Kingdom Hearts 2 creators, now wouldn't be? Nobody really knows. Perhaps the reason is that Heartless Angel sort of defeats te whole Heartless concept, don't you agree?