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Yes, there is irony inBreaking Dawn. First of all, it is ironic that Bella, who believed she was so average (or less than average when considering her clumsiness) excels so well at being a vampire. I, also, believe it is ironic that the Cullens, who have never changed anyone who was not a death's door, agreed to change Bella when she was perfectly healthy. Then, due to her fight to keep her baby, puts herself at death's door making it a non-issue for Edward to change her. She removes all of the internal struggles he was facing at the fulfillment of his promise to her.

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The irony is, that Bella and Edward knew all along who was behind the attacks in Seattle, they just didnt understand.

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It's ridiculously awesome, you should read it.

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Q: Is there irony in the book Breaking Dawn?
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