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the scouts???????????/

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Q: Is there anything like army cadets for children under 12 years old?
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What age do you have to be to get into RAF cadets?

13 years old

How old do you have to be to join st johns ambulance cadets?

10 years old to be in the cadets, however i am a cadet and we have a 9 year old

What is more rewarding army cadets or air cadets?

Both Cadet Organization have almost the same type of awards such as Promotion, Lord Lieutenant's Cadet, Young First Aider etc. Except Army cadets have more ranks and no age restriction for Cadet Ranks except for Cadet Under Officer, however you can stay in Air Cadets longer. For Air Cadets you can stay until you are 19 but if you are the Highest Rank in the ATC (Air Training Corps) you can stay until you are 22 years old.

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Does the Air Force Academy have housing for students?

There is no housing so to speak, but there are dormitories. Cadets reside in two dormitory buildings, Vandenberg Hall and Sijan Hall. They live in the area of the dormitories designated for their respective squadrons. Cadets are required to live in these dormitories all four years while at the Academy. Cadets may not be married and may not have children or any other dependants, and as such, the Air Force cannot provide housing.

What are the requirements to join cadets?

Depends upon which country you are talking about. As far as I know, in the U.K there are no fitness requirements as such to join either the air cadets, army cadets or the sea cadets, however a basic standard of fitness is expected to participate in physical activities.

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You think leh?

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