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Beast Master- it's about a girl and she meets this guys who goes crazy and starts killing things when he's mad and she is the only one who can get him to calm down it's really cute and I highly recommend it

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Q: Is there any manga like akuma to duet?
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Do any adults in America like anime manga?

I'm an adult from America and I like anime and manga. Also, my adult friends like manga as well. So yes adults in America like anime and manga.

Are there any manga like kimi kiss?


How do you get gouken on street fighter 4?

When you unlock "Akuma" you have to compleate it with "Akuma" to get "Gouken" :)

Is there any manga of dragonball like naruto?

yep there is and still runnin try out animefreak and read manga

Is there any manga like recipe for Gertrude?

The mangaka wrote another series called Palette of Twelve Colors. Subject wise, Dororo is similar (made from demon body parts, finding them) but WAY more dark, no love involved, very old art style. There are many manga about demons, also called akuma, devils, ayakashi, yokai, etc. There's a whole genre for love (shojo) there's lots of puppet and comedy manga, t depends on what you are looking for specifically.

Are there any adults in America that like anime or manga?

There are many adults here in the US that like both anime and manga - myself among them for example .

Has Hana to Akuma been made into an anime yet?

No, Hana to Akuma has not been made into an anime. Currently, no companies have announced any plans to do so.

Is there any manga just like Kodocha?

gakuen alice is a really good manga its touching and is my favourite of all time

Where can you download Kingdom Hearts 2 manga?

Manga reading websites like Manga Here allow you to read the series online from any electronic device. The Kingdom Heart 2 manga current scanlation status is ongoing.

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You may like Bleach, it's another manga/anime series.

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There's basic Shonen(boy manga like Naruto and One Piece, Inuyasha etc.) Shojo:(girl manga like Hana Kimi, OHSHC, Kaze Hikaru etc.) Ecchi:(mature female manga) Seinen:(mature male manga) Joise:(mature female manga) some good free online sites that you don't have to download are Mangahut Onemanga Mangafox

What is a good present to give a manga loving person?

It depends on what kind of manga they like. are they a fan of any particular manga? Do they like shounin or shoujo manga? Are they into cosplay? If you know what kind of manga they like try getting them the first volume of something in that genera that they haven't read. if you know that they are a fan of a specific manga series than get them plushies or fan items. {example being that i'm a super fan of Hana Kimi and my friend got me an exact replica of Mizuki's clock.}