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There isn't any Bisexual manga as of yet. Closest is Yaoi which of often depicts the guys as being bi.

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Q: What a bisexual manga called?
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What is manga called in France?

they are called manga like in English.

What is 'manga' called in the US?

It is called "manga." There has been no "'pronunciation' translation" to English, at least as of yet.

Is there a manga called planet survival?

I believe that it is only an anime, not a manga.

What is the cat warrior cartoon called?

Manga. The full name is Warriors Manga.

Is there any manga with shy girls?

There is a manga called Koko ni iru yo

Why is 'manga' called such?

it's because manga is a Japanese word that means "Japanese comics".

Is there a name for someone who is transsexual and bisexual?

Depending on the gender, they are called one of the following: 1. bisexual transgender woman 2. bisexual transgender man 3. bisexual non-binary person

Is there a manga for Project Diva?

There is no manga for the game Project Diva. However, there is a manga based on the same characters as Project Diva called Hatsune Mix.

Where can you get Naruto manga straight from japan?

you can go to a website called or to watch manga episodes

Is Manga a Korean art?

Manga is referred to Japanese comics or print cartoons and is considered by many to be an art form. However, Korea does have an art style which resembles the art of Manga which is called Manhwa. Basically, Manga isn't a Korean art; it's a Japanese art. Korea has something close and similar to Manga called Manhwa.

What is manga pornagraphy?

That would be called hentai.

What is the first manga drawing ever made?

The first manga drawing ever made is often credited to artist Hokusai Katsushika, who created a collection of sketches in the 18th century called "Hokusai Manga." These illustrations were a precursor to the modern manga style that we know today.