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*Bieber . and yer on YouTube its called '100 names for Justin Bieber' in my opinion its terrible coz imma belieber but ther ya go ! x

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Q: Is there a song that makes fun of Justin beiber?
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What Was The Weather Like When Justin Beiber Was Born?

This seems like a fun question XD but anyways, it was raining when Justin Beiber was born.

Who is Justin Bieber In Key Of Awesome?

i don't know but he is so hot i love how he makes fun of Justin beiber if he ever wants a girl freind im avalible by Brittney gogolin

Is there a song that makes fun of Justin Bieber?

Yes, my hips dont lie - Shakira

What is canads most fun sports?

Canada isnt fun.....Plain and Simple....Canada = Justin beiber = Horrible music= Head ache=pain=NOT FUN

Who is more famous Justin Bieber or Yogi Bear?

Yogi Bear! ask a grandma who Justin Beiber is then ask who yogi bear is. She will NOT know who yogi bear is. Unless you have a fun grandma.

What is the name of Justin Bieber's hit single?

actullay one time i love Justin beiber he huged me and i got to spend 4 hours ALONE with the guy so fun

Is people making fun Justin song baby?

Yes they think that Justin bieber is a girl

Is there a song from Justin bieber to make fun of?

yes, like baby

Did Justin bieber make fun of people?

no but people certainly makes fun of him. he probably does knowing that he is famous and we are not... (yet)

When does Justin biebers new song shawty lets go come out?

That song they recorded was for fun. is wont come out on itunes,but maybe if you contact Justin on twitter or facebook you can ask him.

Does Justin Bieber sound like a seven year old?

No he does not . please stop making fun of him. he doesnt sould like a seven year old . he sounds like a realy nice 15 year old. [justin beiber rocks he is so cool]

What is Justin Bieber's new song in My World called?

he wanted a song that people could relate to and have fun with it is about when you have a girlfriend and you realy love her and to take advange of her