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If the song is COMPLETELY your own - the music, then sure.

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no a parody of a song doesn't have to be funny, but most parodies are which makes them fun to watch

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Q: Does a parody of a song have to be funny?
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What is Weird Al's song Hardware Store a parody of?

he made the song himself- therefore it is not a parody of anything. but it's still funny.

What sentence could be for parody?

A parody is an exaggeration to make something funny.

How to write a nice parody song?

To write a good parody song, choose a popular song to parody, and change the lyrics to make fun of the original content in a clever and humorous way. Focus on exaggerating the characteristics of the original song while adding your own unique twist to create a comedic effect. Pay attention to the rhythm and melody of the original song to ensure your parody song flows well.

What is a good song by Taylor Swift to make a parody of?

Our song is a wonderful song that you can make a parody out of

How tall is Dan the Song Parody Man?

Dan the Song Parody Man is 5' 8".

What was the title of weird al yankovic's song parody song parody of the knack's my sharona?

'My Bologna' is the name of the song parody Weird Al did. (This was one of Weird Al's first parodies)

What is weird al's song lasagna a parody from?

The song Lasagna is a parody of a Spanish song called Labamba. (don't know if spelling is correct)

The song Trash Day is a parody of?

It is a parody of "Hot in Here" from rapper Nelly.

What is IM On A Boat a parody of?

"IM On A Boat" is a parody of mainstream rap songs that typically focus on boasting about material wealth and extravagant lifestyles. The song exaggerates these themes in a humorous way by emphasizing the absurdity of such lyrics.

How can you use the ward parody in a sentence?

Ex. Big Al's song "Eat It" is a parody of Michael Jackson's song "Beat It"

What is weird al's don't download this song a parody of?

It isn't a parody of anything, it's an original Weird Al song.

When i was your age is a parody of what song?

When i was what age? What?