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yes it is written by Bethany weathersby an elkeven year old it is kinda funny it goes like this...

c mon c mon c mon c mon Come on

you think you know everything but i know you don't

its not not not all about you not not not all about you

CHORUS I don't care what you want i don't care what you need

i don't care what you have its not all about you or all about me so

c mon c mon c mon i don't have time for you

c mon c mon c mon u no im waiting for you

c mon cmon cmon its not all about u

(end of chorus)

but i no u think it is but i no u think it is

but its noooo ot

Chorus x3


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A song that has repetitions of "come on, come on" throughout the lyrics would be The Beatles "Everybody's got something to hide except for me and my monkey" from the 1968 white album, The Beatles.

I think what you mean is from elivs Presley

i don't know the title though

i think it was something with LITTLE

Wasn't that the Robbie Williams one? When he was dressed up like Kiss and he was like "Let me entertain you..."?

Im thinking Tender by Blur

I think the beatles twist and shout: come on come come on baby now, twist and shout

I'm thinking 'A little less conversation' by Elvis Presley

It also might be "Please Please Me" by The Beatles

The lyrics you might be thinking of are "Come on (Come on), Come on (Come on), Come on (Come on), Come on (Come on), Please please me, Oh yeah, Like I please you

Are you thinking of come on, come on, come on, come on little darlin'...?

If so, that's a song by Ritchie Valens- Come On, Let's Go

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Q: Is there a song called come on?
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