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A Canadian alternative rock band by the name of Headstones performs the Comedy Inc. theme song. The song is called Come On.

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Q: Who performs the Comedy Inc theme song?
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What is the duration of Comedy Inc.?

The duration of Comedy Inc. is -2640.0 seconds.

When did Comedy Inc. end?

Comedy Inc. ended on 2007-12-26.

When was Comedy Inc. created?

Comedy Inc. was created on 2003-02-01.

Who sings inc inc theme song?

As far as I know its "Tattooed Attitude" by Dale Oliver, who does probably 95% of the company theme songs, as Jim Johnston has the same job for WWE

What are the lyrics to undertaker's theme song?

there are not lyrics to undertakers theme song at the moment cos its just music but it depends which one you want from his deadman inc era cos he had a few

Who recorded the Thundercats theme song?

The theme song was composed by Swiss composer Bernard Hoffer. He also composed the theme for Silverhawks, which was also developed by the same people, Rankin/Bass Productions, Inc. As to who performed the original song, I still do not know.

When did Theme Park Inc happen?

Theme Park Inc happened in 2001.

When was Theme Park Inc created?

Theme Park Inc was created on 2001-02-09.

What is the theme song on design inc HGTV?

It is done by a company called fish-fry Here is their website:

What are the release dates for Comedy Inc- - 2002?

Comedy Inc- - 2002 was released on: Canada: 1 October 2002 USA: 18 April 2005

What is the hidden message in the apple song?

There is no real "hidden message" in the Apple song (if one is referring to the Apple, Inc. theme song). However, Apple songs (ads) have hidden meanings in them such as a hint towards a new product.

What are the ratings and certificates for Comedy Inc- - 2003?

Comedy Inc- - 2003 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:M Australia:M Australia:M Finland:K-13 (TV rating) (self applied) (2007)