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There is a song by Queen called Radio GaGa and that is where Lady Gaga got her name from.

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Q: Is there a song by queen called lady o gaga?
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Why is Lady Gaga called such a random name?

She got it from the song "Radio GaGa" by Queen

Where did the gaga come in lady gaga?

she was named after the song 'Radio Gaga' by Queen.

Why did they give the name Lady Gaga to Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta?

One of Lady Gaga's main influences was the band Queen , when she was a teen / young adult her friends called her Gaga after Queen's song Radio Gaga . She later added Lady and the name stuck .

Who has a song called alejandro?

lady gaga did

What is the English meaning of lady gaga?

It is a play on the Queen song Radio Gaga

Did lady gaga got her name from a song by queen?

Definitely not; Queen released the song "Radio Gaga" in 1984; Lady Gaga was born in 1986.

What exactly does Lady Gaga mean?

` The name "Lady Gaga" comes from the Queen song "Radio Ga-Ga"

Is Lady Gaga part french or just very good at french?

Lady Gaga get her name from a Queen song that had the words " all you hear is radio gaga." She is a big Queen fan.

Who does Lady Gaga believe is the Queen of Pop?

Lady Gaga stated in a 2008 interview that "Britney Spears is the Queen of Pop" after writing a song for her on her album 'Circus'.

What is Lady Gaga's new song called with Katy Perry?

Lady Gaga has not made a song with Katy Perry.

What does lady gaga stand for?

It doesn't really mean anything ... It was just based off of Queen's song 'Radio Ga Ga', and it was actually an accident that she got the name. Her manager texted her "Radio Gaga", but Auto Correct changed it to Lady Gaga, and she loved it.

Which Lady Gaga song is a remake?

No, "You And I" is not a remake, although it does use the stomps and claps from Queen's "We Will Rock You."