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Lady Gaga.

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Q: Who has a song called alejandro?
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What is Lady Gagas newest song?

Lady Gaga's newest song is "Telephone ft. Beyonce". She has another single called "Alejandro" coming out on April 20.

What is the singer called of the song aliandro?

Presuming you mean Alejandro, Lady Gaga

What is alejandro about?

The song Alejandro by Lady Gaga I think it relates back to Zoro, Because the guys name was Alejandro, and Zoro is a bit of a love story, and the song lyrics to follow the story line.

Is Alejandro by Lady Gaga an offensive song?

No. It is her most touching song.

What is Lady Gaga's last song?


Rowhen did the Alejandro song from ladygaga com out?

Well the album, "The Fame Monster" was released in November 18, 2009 and the song Alejandro was included in the album.

What would lady gaga's next song be?


Who sings the song from the novela Victoria?

Alejandro Fernandez

Does lady gaga sing the song Alejandro?


What is Alejandro?

Alejandro means Man's Protector or defender.

What does alejandro mean in the Lady Gaga song?

it means my baby

Who wrote the song called Lagrimas?

"Lagrimas" first appeared on Jose Jose's 1983 hit album Secretos, which was written and produced by Manuel Alejandro. Other songs written by Manuel Alejandro include "Procuro Olvidarte" and "Soy Rebelde."