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Q: Is there a movie on the story The fall of Edward Barnard by WS Maugham?
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What was the short story a sting of beads by William Somerset Maugham about?

It was published in 1954

W Somerset Maugham and his story - The Escape?


Who wrote Appointment in Samara?

Appointment In Samara is a novel by John O'Hara. It is also the name of a very, very short story by W.S. Maugham. Although I could not verify positively, it is my impression the short story by Maugham is actually something of a folk tale which Maugham cleaned up, and made into his own.

What movie has the tagline his story will touch you even if he can't?

Edward scissor hands!

What year was W Somerset Maugham born?

William Somerset Maugham, playwright, novelist and short story writer was born of British parents in Paris in 1874.

Did somerset maugham write a short story called The Verger?

Yes actually he did!

What is the summary of the short story A Friend in Need by W S Maugham?

What is the summary of the short story A Friend in Need

What has the author Robert Barnard Way written?

Robert Barnard Way has written: 'Building in steel' 'The secondhand car owner' 'The story of British locomotives' 'Engine power'

When was The Unconquered - short story - created?

"The Unconquered" was written by W. Somerset Maugham and first published in 1943.

What is the moral of the story Mr Know All by Somerset Maugham?

The moral of "Mr. Know-All" by Somerset Maugham is that true wisdom comes from understanding and accepting our own limitations, rather than pretending to know everything. The story emphasizes the importance of humility, empathy, and tolerance towards others.

When did Edward Story die?

Edward Story died on 1503-03-16.

What has the author Phyllis Smith written?

Phyllis Smith has written: 'The story of Claribel (Charlotte Alington Barnard)'